Jump Start Kids Ltd.

About Our Company

Why Did We Start Jump Start Kids Uk?

We began the journey of building Jump Start Kids Ltd. following our careers in coaching and educating children. Together, we share a love of sport, coaching and teaching young children how to achieve in sports and delivering exciting and fun lessons to help children thrive. We also highly value the importance of developing and strengthening children’s emotional resilience and teaching valuable life skills through sport.

Jointly, we noticed that many children were not ready mentally or physically for the demands of starting school as well as dealing with the challenges of growing up in such a fast-paced world. We noticed that children were more fluent on how to find their favourite video on YouTube than they were at throwing or kicking a ball!. Which seemed very strange to us as our childhoods were spent playing outside and enjoying every different sport and experimenting with sports foundation skills. With many lost footballs, scraped knees and happy faces thrown in for good measure!

In todays world, technology plays a huge part in children’s childhoods. Children have access to iPads, phones and tablets and are more familiar with the digital world from a young age. They grow up with the internet and technology at their fingertips and their digital footprint is created from a much earlier age than many adults, currently.

This digital awareness has diminished children’s want and wish to take their play and relaxation time outside which could possibly be of detriment to their physical and mental health. We feel that time spent on iPads and technology has hindered many children’s physical and emotional development. We noticed that when children attended our lessons or classes they were not emotionally ready for the challenges they were facing. Many children were unable to cope with many of the rules or skills that participating in sport requires; such as listening to instructions, turn taking and learning that it is OK not to win every time. Physically, children were not as coordinated as children have been in comparison to their their peers in previous years and struggled with many fine and gross motor movements.

We designed our program to not only develop children’s sporting skills, but their emotional resilience and give them the life skills which will see them through to adult hood. Our programs have been specifically designed to build lesson upon lesson, allowing constant progress, as well as helping to aid your child in becoming more independent, confident and resilient to tackle any challenges they may face.

We want children to learn and enjoy the digital world, just as we do, but to have the emotional stability and life skills to cope with the challenges that will inevitably face them. Teaching children to take time away from the internet and technology to invest in a love of sport and exercise for life will always be of benefit to them. To invest in having a healthy body and mind. Taking time to step away from the computer to run, jump, hop, skip or to even throw a ball will provide a way of children channelling and alleviating any anxieties, stresses or worries or may just be a brilliant way for children to be outside exercising their body, socialising and playing a game with their friends. After completing Jump Start Kids Ltd. classes your child will have the physical and emotional literacy to be a thriving sports man or woman and will have many avenues of sporting participation open to them.


Leane McCloskey

Throughout her childhood Leane participated in many different sports, from horse riding to synchronised swimming, to gymnastics and trampolining. Leane found a love for gymnastics and competed at a county level, winning the Surrey Championships four times. Leane became a gymnastics coach at aged 13 and later completed her Level 4 General and Sports Acrobatics qualifications. She has extensive experience in teaching gymnastics to both children and adults.

Leane is also a primary school qualified Higher Level Teaching Assistant, has a BA Hons in Early Years Education and has 8 years teaching experience; working as a HLTA and a Physical Education and Games Teacher. Leane loves working with children and enjoys sparking a love of learning in all the children that she teaches.

Leane is a keen CrossFit enthusiast and trains everyday from her home gym or at CrossFit 2012 in Esher where she is a member.

Dusty John

Dusty grew up in Zimbabwe playing just about every sport under the African sun! He played waterpolo, ran cross country and skateboarded his way through school before he got involved in Triathlons which allowed him to represent the Zimbabwean national team for three years. During the colder months of the year Dusty played rugby and field hockey.

After leaving school Dusty built his own gym in Zimbabwe and become a personal trainer teaching CrossFit to his clients before moving to the UK. Dusty is a qualified CrossFit Level 1 and 2 and CrossFit Kids Coach and still coaches classes at CrossFit 2012 in Esher. Dusty also holds his level 2 in physical activities and fitness for children, as well as a certificate in youth strength and conditioning.