Life Skills Through Sport

What do we expect from parents?

At Jump Start Kids Ltd. we know that children learn best when they are happy, engaged and having fun. We want children to look forward to their classes and to be excited to see their coach and their friends and what new skills they will be learning. This is why we place such an emphasis on children becoming independent little sports men and women. We believe children enjoy their learning much more when they are comfortable and confident in their coaches, friends and surroundings and can do so independently from their parent or carer.

For this reason for the first 2 to 3 classes we welcome parents into our classes as a silent security and comfort giver if a child needs it. Not to play with, or participate in classes with their child, but to provide emotional support of a reassuring cuddle or a high five of encouragement if they need it and are able to withdraw from the class once they are settled. We want each child to feel comfortable with our coaches and gain confidence in allowing our coaches to teach them and to make their own choice of when they are willing and confident to join in.

Because, let’s face it, we all remember when our Mum or Dad tried to make us do something and we didn’t want to! Cross parents, cross children. Usually a lot of crying and shouting! Maybe some foot stamping thrown in for good measure! Having a stand off with a young child who really doesn’t want to do something isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Having the child as the decision maker in their own involvement and learning will make Jump Start Kids sessions a joy for you to take your child to each week and will be an exciting class for them too. Your child will begin to gain responsibility of choice and make a small step towards independence at such a young age and you can watch them grow and develop as an individual from outside of the class.

Stamps for Rewards

What child doesn’t love a reward for doing something well?! For great listening and for trying their best? At Jump Start Kids children’s good behaviour in listening and trying their hardest is rewarded with a stamp on their hand. (Non toxic of course!) Children are praised for their good behaviour and are encouraged to say what they are proud of themselves for. Make a good choice and you will be rewarded. We feel that it is important that children are praised by their coach for what the coach thinks they have done brilliantly, but they must not always rely on external rewards for their own merit. As children grow it is important that they can look at themselves and see what they are proud of themselves for. A skill that will build resilient and high achieving children for the future. Every class will end with a round of applause and high five for each other building up everyones confidence in their skills and abilities.

But what goes up, must come down! We know that every child learns differently, and many children like to test boundaries and to question when to listen and follow instructions carefully and simply, when to not! It is inevitable that all children will tip toe towards testing boundaries and in order to learn effectively, they need to understand consequence. What will happen if I don’t listen? What will happen if I am not safe with my equipment?

Our classes are based on teaching life skills through sport. Praise and consequence being two of the main learning goals. Our stamp system is to promote children’s compliance in effective listening and participation skills and requires children to follow the coaches instructions; to listen and follow instructions carefully and to be safe with their equipment in a happy and fun environment.

A basic and fundamental rule in all sports is listening and safety. Athletes are required to follow instruction from a coach, referee, umpire or judge. Athletes cannot deviate from rules without consequence or sanction. At Jump Start Kids Ltd. we are aiming to develop little athletes with a love of sport and the ability to follow the rules and expectations of their coach and sport. Our stamp will be withheld from children who repeatedly choose not to follow these rules.

Our coaches are skilled and have many years experience in dealing with children and their behaviours and we aren’t ogres! We aren’t purposefully punishing your child, reprimanding them permanently and it won’t emotionally scar your child! We are building children’s resilience and awareness of consequence. Withholding a reward for a bad choice in behaviour marks that not listening or being unsafe with equipment isn’t a good choice in sport and will allow your child to learn an important life lesson; Decision and consequence. Our coaches will fairly explain to your child where they made a bad choice and what they can do at their next class to get a stamp. Each class is always a fresh start and a happy and fun environment for little sporting superstars!