Online Home Program

Online Home Program

Carlo enjoyed doing everything. He clicked his ears on at the start of the session! We made hoops with towels and he hopped in and out!

Lena – Carlo’s Mum

This year we have all been spending more time at home and less time at our classes. We still want everyone to have the benefit of a JSK class, whether it is in person with Coach Dusty, or at home with a parent or carer. It’s for this reason we have developed an Online Home Program for parents or carers to deliver a JSK class to their child(ren) themselves.

The best way to do these skills is to set up one skill and do it as and when your child is interested. Take a really loose approach to the structure and do the skill with them 2 or 3 times before changing skills, or going to do something else for a while and then come back to it. Children learn best when they are having fun!

Some skills will work better inside due to the β€œequipment” needs, but ideally being outside is what we recommend to get fresh air and also learn about the elements.

Grab your speedy shoes and lets get going!

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